Message from the Principal

It is my honour and privilege to be a part of the Holy Trinity Catholic School community. I welcome these next few months with excitement and anticipation of getting to know each student and their families and forming a shared leadership with staff members. It is my aim to support everyone in building a place of learning that is inclusive for all. Safety is the first condition for learning and for inclusion. Our team of educators will strive to structure safety for students on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. We will focus on creating and sustaining an inclusive learning environment for our students by promoting dignity and respect and listening to the voices of students and parents on issues of common concern. I invite parents and care-givers to reach out to any member of our staff to share your thoughts or suggestions for inclusive practices; thank you for partnering with us in guiding your child along the path of learning and faith formation.

Yours in Faith,

Laurie Zahra



More About Sudbury Catholic Schools

Our Mission

"To realize each student’s potential within our inclusive Catholic learning community by nurturing and developing their mind, body and spirit. "

The Sudbury Catholic mission statement answers the questions who are we, and what do we do. Every organization needs to define its fundamental purpose, philosophy, and values. Our mission statement explains why our organization exists, and describes the needs our organization was created to fill.

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